We are not to teach but to direct conscience.
- Aacharya Shri Vidyasagarji Maharaj

Keeping in view, an integrated and all-round development, an exclusive education policy has been developed in Pratibhasthali. Its various aspects are: physical , intellectual, social, emotional, philosophical and spiritual development of a child.

In Pratibhasthali, we provide education of three languages to the deviating new generation children from its culture due to modern education.

Sanskrit language familiarizes students with our ancient culture.
Teaching of Hindi, the national language instill in them the feeling of being Bhartiya.
English language connects them to the global world of science and technology to stand at par with the outer world.

Pratibhasthali imparts education in Hindi medium to make the learning process smoothand stress less.

Students are also acquainted with English terminology of different subjects so as face competitive exams with confidence.

Spoken English classes are given regularly to equip them with the skill in English speaking.

Child-centered education of the school is widening the horizon of the student’s talents and teaches them to stay with self-discipline and to live with and for others.

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