Events and Celebration

Events and Celebration

With motive to inculcate Bhartiya culture and as a part of our efforts to acquaint with the customs, traditions, festival and rich heritage of ancient Bharat and utmost to drive in them the national pride.

Pratibhasthali observes and celebrates a varied number of occasions as Holi, Raksha bandhan, Independence Day,Republic Day,Teachers Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali and so on ...
This is occasions/event upholds a series of events like kindling of lamp before God and Acharya shriji, a prayer song, traditional activities, performances by students, thought provoking and motivational speech by teachers.

These all exposes students and enhances their knowledge to disappearing conventional practices.
Award Ceremony
Pratibhasthali Gyanodaya Vidyapeeth, Jabalpur is glorified as the prime and distinguished Ideal Jain Women Institution in the preservation of Bhartiya culture, during National Jain Women Conference as the ground breaking event of the yearlong celebration of Gometeshwar Shri Bahubali Swami Mahamastkabhishek, on 13th August 2017.
Axiomatically following the adage of Acharya Vidyasagarji Maharaj "Talent does not require certificates, It is self certified.” Pratibhasthali members remained absent on the event venue on the said date. Here upon on 10th Sep, 2017 Smt Sarita Jain(Tirth Committee National President), reaching Ramtek in the gracious presence of Guruji honoured Pratibhasthali Jabalpur with a accreditation Certificate and a Gold medal and cash of ₹ 1,00000.
It is a matter of great pride for Jabalpur and Jain community as a whole.
“It is He who does and is dedicated to Him only”
Teachers day
Pratibhashali students celebrated the Teachers day with remarkable way and sheer spirit of the occasion. Early in the morning students of class 12th acting as a teacher, experienced a fair idea of the responsibility of the mentors.

They looked forward with a lot of anticipation for the task efficiently and selflessly taken by the teachers. Further, in the evening a marvelous performance was given by Class 11th and 12th , showcasing the dedication of the teachers in moulding the life of students.
Class 11th presented their gratitude by musical and inexplicable PowerPoint presentation accompanied by a small skit, while 12th presented holy pupil-teacher relation drama. Amidst this an attractive and heart touching kawwali was presented by Class 7th students.

As against the traditional practice of offering flowers and material gifts on this day, the exclusive way of displaying their thankfulness towards teachers was appreciable.
Programmme ended with the remembrance of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and speech by a Senior teacher. All in all everyone was in the celebration mood with the students showing the acknowledgement and recognition of teachers' efforts for them.