Love for Nature

Love for nature

To keep in tune with the nature is recommendable to rejuvenate one from hectic and mundane worldly affairs. The same goes true with students too, as they remain stressed in this competitive moves.

We make conscious efforts to de-stress them and refresh their mind and spirit. The school and hostel building standing in the sprawling land surrounded by the green is already a great privilege. Aesthetically done floral plantations provide them peace and solace.
The Spectacular view of free flowing holy Narmada, from the hostel roof, strolling in the garden chirping of the birds, jingling temple bells, all keep them in harmony with the nature.

Occasional visit to gaushala set at a distance to feed cows and events like releasing pigeons and parrots from the cages, celebration of Van Mahotsav, planting trees etc. inspire them to be eco-friendly. They shun the use of chemical cosmetics and animal products.
Thus all in all,these provisions of exotic moments of being close to nature give them soul feeling and keep them mentally and physically fit.