Our Mission

History holds witness that long ago Bharat has irradiated the whole cosmos by its knowledge. It had multitude of enriched centers of education. Both aesthetic and substantial subjects of study viz Maths, Science, Philosophy, trade, astronomy, dance, music, architecture and sculpture etc were readily available in the education center of this holy land. The sole aim of the learning was 'attainment of perfect bliss’. Thus was the reason that education was not the genitor of conundrum but was the key to it.

Pratibhasthali is adherent of the same pristine gurukul tradition in imparting knowledge of must know subjects together with life availing education. Here we aim to instill the human values in true worth to attain the eternal self ultimately.

Our ideal speaks on behalf of Acharya GyanSagarji Maharaj -

Man may become human with the development of the virtues and sustenance of ethnicity and let our motherland engross herself in genius and intellect.

Thus let our country "BHARAT" engross in the poise and prudent culture and retain the prominence of spiritual guru for which Pratibhasthali frat is committed.